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Your body's natural state is one of WELLNESS

I love knowing that the body has an incredible ability to heal itself, to recover, to bounce back and to maintain wellness...when provided with the right environment in which to do so!⁣ The most important factors that contribute to this environment are:⁣ • whole foods⁣ • stress perception⁣ • healthy, connected relationships⁣ • safe movement (exercise)⁣ • fun • sleep • addressing old traumas • spirituality When these factors are prioritized and included as part of our daily habits, we thrive. Despite our genetic predisposition to disease, studies have proven that our genes are not static and that our environment, in a major way, is modulating and changing the activation of our genes.⁣ This is not just comforting, but incredibly empowering, knowing that our choices (who we chose to hang out with, what we eat, what we think, how much we sleep, etc), more than anything else, influences our level of health.⁣ You have symptoms? Listen to them, it’s your body’s beautiful and unique way of communicating that there is dis-EASE, or lack of balance somewhere. Don’t just put a band-aid on it (i.e. pop a pill). Start as asking WHY is THIS happening to ME!⁣ It’s never to early to take back control of your health. Your body is fighting FOR you and will do the best it can within the environment in which it is being asked to thrive. By being deliberate about the environment we provide for our bodies, they absolutely can bounce back to optimal health.⁣ #wellness #naturalstate #thrive #environment #choices#powerfulchoices #dailyhabits

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