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Grapefruit and Vitamins

During my appointments with a client, I may make recommendations on specific supplements to offer symptom relief or address nutrient deficiencies. Each client will have their own account on my Full Script website in order to order high-quality, practitioner-grade supplements directly from Full Script at discounted prices.

Non-Toxic Products

Our personal care products and those we clean our homes with has a huge impact on our health. Many contain fragrances (which can be made up of 100's of different chemicals) and endocrine-disrupting ingredients, meaning that they actually interfere with and alter our hormones (known as xenoestrogens). We inhale them and absorb them through our skin, where they go into circulation in under 30 seconds. This places an enormous burden on the lymphatic system, liver, immune system and gut, while depleting key nutrients (nutrients are required for detoxification).

Below are the brands I trust, personally use and highly recommend:

Non-toxic Skin Care

Make-up, skincare and body care

Non-toxic Household Cleaning

2 Super-concentrated products will replace all your household cleaning products.

Please note that I may receive a small reward fee from these companies

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