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Why eating healthy isn't enough!!!

This may seem like an odd title for a blog post, especially coming from a HEALTH COACH, right? I mean, isn't the majority of my work supposed to be aimed at getting people to quit eating processed junk and eating healthy, nourishing meals?'s a very big part of it. But it's not the whole of it. And here's why:


Eating another piece of broccoli or munching on a carrot stick isn't going to fix the reason you're sad, depressed, stressed or anxious.


And if you're living your life in a state of sadness, depression, high stress or anxiety, it will show up in your body. Your cells are eavesdropping on your thoughts, your mood, your "vibe" and are picking up their cues FROM YOU about the safety of your world.

Living in the sympathetic-dominant nervous system mode (AKA the fight-flight-hide mode), tells your body that you are in danger and it will work itself into the ground TO ENSURE YOUR SURVIVAL! This is not a time during which it will prioritize digestion, absorption of nutrients, production of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin for example (insomnia, anyone?), hormone balance or good energy production. You're running for your life, remember? That stuff can wait until your body is sure that you're out of danger, THEN when the threat is over, it will do all those yummy things that make you feel good (like having good energy, good bowel movements, good libido and good orgasms).

The problem is that we get stuck in our stories (self-worth), beliefs (about ourselves and others) and habits (go-go-go, do-do-do, achieve-achieve-achieve) that the threat is never really over, is it? It's like playing a song on repeat day in and day out, year in and year out until we don't know that there's another way of "being", let alone how to achieve it.

So yes, you can have the most perfect diet and still have high blood sugar, still have a "dysfuntional" or dysregulated thyroid, still have IBS or cranky hormones because you're not addressing the underlying root cause. Did you inherit your condition from Mom or Dad? Maybe. But in my experience, backed by thousands of scientific studies, it's more likely that your LIFE CHOICES (conscious or unconscious life choices) are behind your suffering and they are causing genes to be expressed or to be switched on that would otherwise have been "dormant".

Quick question: Isn't it empowering to know that your body isn't failing you and that you weren't just dealt a bad hand at birth? That you can turn this ship around by choosing differently? That you have more control of the outcome than you were aware of?

During my coaching sessions with my clients, we dig, we uncover and we find the root cause that is unique to them and when we start working on those factors, ease and relief become a natural by-product. They start choosing better. They learn ways to tell themselves new stories. They gradually let go of old belief systems that are no longer serving them and instead start aligning their beliefs with their core life values and goals. They start implementing self-care, taking time to refuel and fill their cup.

When we do what we've always done, we'll get what we always got. Is it time to consider doing things differently? If you feel stuck, drop a comment, reach out, get help, hire a coach. But DO THE WORK and guaranteed, your body will do a better job of digesting that piece of broccoli!

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