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Connect with others - your health depends on it

Lack of social connectedness and community, social isolation and loneliness are major drivers of stress (and potentially, disease) that can have a very real and lasting effect on our physiology. Studies have shown that people who are deeply lonely have a 30% higher chance of experiencing a cardiovascular episode of some sort than people who are in healthy, deeply connected relationships. WOW! ⁣ So in order to thrive, it is vital to have a strong sense of social connectedness with people who understand you and truly get you, who love you and unconditionally accept you. We all have a deep need for LOVE and we are designed to be deeply connected to others.⁣ I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without the love and support from my family and my amazing group of beautiful girlfriends, who laugh with me, cry with me, celebrate with me, encourage and uplift me.⁣ Don’t simply send a text, get face-to-face time with your tribe, hang out, make memories, connect. Not only will you feel better and be happier, you’ll also significantly increase your chances of living longer!

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